For any major national brand holiday is the number one focus and priority category for sales and Philosophy is no exception. Ensuring proper release of graphics and updating final graphics for various skus including bottle and jar wips, set boxes, and folding cartons was of utmost priority with my time at Philosophy. I was in charge of all packaging graphics headed out the door for the Philosophy holiday as I worked closely with our production and product sourcing teams for optimum results across a breath of retailers. 

Every distinct franchise received their standard color such as "amazing grace pink". Bath and body kits are categorized by red cartons and set boxes
while skincare kits are featured in blue. These were sold nationally at all available retailers. Set boxes for amazing grace and some
distinct bath and body kits featured a repeat pattern throughout the interior and exterior of the bottom box component designed by myself. 


QVC is a distinct retailer for Philosophy in which they get exclusive offerings in particular sizes and configurations. Developing all gifting items was a
project I tackled that included two sizes of gift bags, gift box, gift tag with the holiday theme carried throughout.
I also worked on a lot of direct-deco label layouts for various new products.


Ulta is Philosophy's number 1 retailer. With this distinction they get exclusive sets and particular designs that will only grace Ulta stores and online shop.