Philosophy Beauty - Coty

Hand Cream Launch

 Hands of Hope was a popular existing sku for Philosophy but it was time for a new approach. While Philosophy doesn’t have a problem gaining customers 30+ years of age because of their medical grade skin care, the younger generations and demographics were hard for the company to capture. The goal was to make something fun as an easy add on purchase at the cash wrap or just develop another category that speaks to younger users. After hearing from the marketing manager about the scents to come and how she envisions it come to market we began drafting how the tubes could be produced.

I worked on this project solo with some advising from my art director.


Philosophy began its brand using nostalgic imagery of children so we wanted to explore the use of vintage floral engravings, something a bit more old fashioned. After developing inspiration and researching the market we drew up our initial concepts featuring small illustrations. We explored how we would print with deco or wrap the component. How could color be a subtle accent yet fun and fresh?

After finding the illustration direction a bit flat and out of touch with the target market I did more inspiration research of fun unique ways to apply the color. Monoline illustrations and more graphic treatments were developed. It was determined this was too far for the brand and didn’t fall in line.


Different shaped name plates were explored as I was trying to develop a medium between the fun fresh icons and classic philosophy. I explored traditional copy setup with a flare of color and also the idea of photographic icons that compliment the scents to be featured with the label.

Philosophy wanted to be conscious of minimizing how many unique components they were carrying so a full colored tube was out and a wrap of color was chosen. The brand is known for its iconic “name plates” on its boxes so the highlight of a square for the header just made sense. I was able to explore so many avenues of where we wanted to take a brand new sku which was such a great experience to try to push something new. Keeping it classic and simple in the end is what is true to the brand of Philosophy.