Allen & Gerritsen


During my time at Allen & Gerritsen I was able to help work on new pieces to help define their inner agency portfolio. This two sided piece was developed for events the agency attends to be able to get out all the different capabilities they conquer. Its an easy file to handle as well so just about anyone can print themselves some on spur of the moment instances.  This piece has started to help to define the design aesthetic for the agency going forward as a two location agency. 

Art Direction: Hilary Sedgwick

This digital booklet was composed while interning at A&G. Making this my own personal project, I scoured the agency for pictures, and insider information to develop this digital PDF. After interning several places and going in blindly, I developed this book as a introduction to interns to help them in the on-boarding process. With a limited amount of time within an internship at an agency, this book is designed to get them adjusted quicker with hopefully fewer bumps in the road.

I interviewed senior management within the agency to gain better information about the company and also to gather advice denoted from years of developing their own careers. This not only helped my outlook as an intern but was able to use this information as supplemental information throughout pages. I was also able to dig deep with former interns turned employees within the agency and learn about their experience interning within the company and their advice at their newly formed position in their life. 

All copy was written by myself and most of the project was directed solely by myself. 

Art Direction: Hilary Sedgwick